Seaweed is one of nature’s great nutritional miracles. It has been called a superfood for its high level of
nutrient-rich elements and, worldwide, seaweed is
important as a food source.

What We Grow

Today, Maine Fresh Sea Farms grows a variety of sea vegetables from a stunning coastal setting in Midcoast Maine, downstream from the village of Damariscotta. Like any vegetable, each species of sea vegetable demands its own growing unique conditions. Some flourish in the winter when the waters are coldest and the light the most diminished. Others prefer warmer waters and abundant sun. All algae benefit from pristine waters and the dramatic push of the incoming and outgoing tides. Our fresh seaweed harvest is underway.  To order or inquire, please contact:  Peter Fischer 207-380-6478  or email

Sugar Kelp (Saccharina latissima)


Sugar kelp is our most prolific and versatile sea green. Planting takes place in the fall and by late winter we have our first crop. It grows through the winter and as winter turns to spring there is rapid growth, forming clean golden brown blades and stipes (stems). We are happy to say that sea farming produces tender, mild flavored, and nutritious sugar kelp that lends itself to any number of recipes and dishes. For those interested in some excellent recipes, we highly recommend Barton Seaver's new book, SuperFood Sea Greens, from Sterling Publishing. In late winter, baby sugar kelp is ready and in abundance along with the first of large tender whole blades. As the season progresses large blades and stipes are our primary crop and before the season is over we dry large quantities for use throughout the year. Dry can be substituted for fresh and has the added advantage in that it can be used as flakes and powders. Available February through May

Winged Kelp or Alaria (Alaria esculenta)


Alaria, also know as winged kelp, is another late winter and early spring kelp that is nutritious and delicious. Compared to sugar kelp it has a more distinctive flavor of the sea and since it has a midrib that extends from the stipe through the entire blade, it has more texture. Those familiar with Japanese Wakame will see similarities to this North Atlantic sea green. Alaria is a seagreen powerhouse as it is high in vitamins, calcium, and potassium to name a few. Well known on the eastern side of the Atlantic, Alaria is just coming to the forefront in North America. Chopped and added to a salad, the base for a broth, and the unique umami flavor enhancement adds accent to any dish, Alaria is a seagreen that could eclipse sugar kelp as a regular addition to many recipes. Our growing season for Alaria ends early so try it while it is available fresh. Available February through April

Dulse (Palmaria palmata)

Fresh Dulse deserves the reputation that it is gaining as an elegant addition to seagreen cookery. Fresh farm grown Dulse comes in subtle hues of red and purple, and is green when cooked.  It has a superb crunchy texture so it not just eye-catching but texturally appealing as well. Presently, Dulse has a short season as a farmed product. It is available in March and April and is like no other Dulse that you have seen before. Quantities are limited so try it sooner rather than later. Available March and April