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Seaweed On Your Dinner Plate: The Next Kale Could Be Kelp
Just off the Maine coast, Peter Fischer, Peter Arnold and Seth Barker, are pulling in their first full harvest of glistening kelp from a small skiff out in the clean waters of Maine's Damariscotta estuary.
National Public Radio, June 5, 2016

Dishing Up The New Kale
Sea greens can be used in place of, or combined with, any green leafy vegetable. These gifts from the sea are the most nutrient-dense foods on Earth; a super food that greens up our bodies with over 25 vitamins and over 50 minerals. The glossy fronds are gluten-free, fat-free and paleo, vegetarian and vegan-friendly.
Lewiston Sun Journal, April 22, 2016

Farming the Sea
Maine Fresh Sea Farms is bringing together their collective wisdom, energy and curiosity to explore how to grow and harvest sustainably raised seaweed in Maine’s coastal waters and be the first to bring fresh sea vegetables to the table.
Lewiston Sun Journal, April 22, 2016

Maine Seaweed: The Next Super-Food?
Public Radio Journalist Fred Bever takes a deep dive into Maine Seaweed, suggesting that a growing cadre of entrepreneurs think Maine seaweed could help our state lead a new revolution in American farming. Listen to his story.
Maine Public Radio, April 22, 2016

Sea Greens to Star in Book Signing and Cooking Class in Damariscotta
Sea greens, edible plants harvested from the ocean, will be featured in Damariscotta in both a book signing and tasting with Barton Seaver, and a cooking class with Peter Arnold.
The Free Press, March 10, 2016

Walpole Business at the Forefront of Up-And-Coming Industry
The nutrients present in tidal rivers, including the Damariscotta River, makes the Maine Coast an ideal location to grow seagreens, according to Seth Barker, a founder and partner in the Walpole-based Maine Fresh Sea Farms.
The Lincoln County News, February 24th, 2016

New Research Article Suggests Seaweed Can Help Lower Cardiovascular Disease (.docx)
New research article suggests seaweed can help lower cardiovascular disease
Download Press Release, February 2016

On The Water with WCSH6
Don Carrigan heads out on the water with the Maine Fresh Sea Farms team.
WCSH Channel 6 News, January 2015

New research touts health benefits of seaweed
A new scientific article published reveals what many Maine seaweed growers have been saying for years: adding seaweed to your diet is great for human health.
The Ellsworth American, January 2015

With more varieties and growing demand, seaweed is Maine’s crop to watch
Mary Pols at the Portland Press Herald tells the story of Maine Fresh Sea Farms and hints that moms may begin pushing kelp and other seaweeds next to potatoes and blueberries among the state's iconic foods.
Portland Press Herald, December 2015

Maine Fresh Sea Farms Among First to See Potential of State's Commercial Seaweed Industry
Seafood News says Maine Fresh Sea Farms among first to see potential of state's commercial seaweed industry
SeafoodNews, December 2015

A New Leaf
The New Yorker says seaweed could be a miracle food—if we can figure out how to make it taste good
The New Yorker, November 2015

New England seaweed the next big thing in local food?
Boston Globe, October 2015

Three Simple Rules for Eating Seafood
The New York Times gets into the rules of eating seaweed and seaweed
New York Times, June  2015

Is Seaweed the New Green Leaf?
Watch the latest from the Food Network about the health benefits of seaweed.
Food Network, May 2015

As Maine’s Waters Warm, a Seafood Investor Fosters Climate Resiliency
Huffington Post, July 2015

As Maine’s Waters Warm, a Seafood Investor Fosters Climate Resiliency
Impact Alpha, July 2015

UMaine team with Maine Fresh Sea Farms study aquacultured seaweed products
University of Maine working with Maine Fresh Sea Farms, of Bristol, Maine, to study the shelf life and nutritional values of aquacultured sea vegetable products.
Maine Insights, May 11, 2015

Lean Green: Will your next beer be made out of this?
MSNBC talks seaweed beer making with Maine Fresh Sea Farms
MSNBC, September 2014

‘Maine Fresh Sea Farms' entrepreneurs at FARMS Community Kitchen
The Boothbay Register profiles Maine Fresh Sea Farms and the future of seaweed acquaculture
Boothbay Register,  Sunday, November 23, 2014

Belfast brewery tapping into seaweed venture to create kelp beer
Marshall Wharf Brewing talks about partnering with Maine Fresh Sea Farms to make their delicious Sea Belt Scotch Ale.
Bangor Daily News,  June 19, 2014

Seaweed Production on Mussel Farms in Maine
Maine’s established seaweed companies are industry leaders, and more people are looking to grow seaweed as a business or for supplemental income
Maine Sea Grant