Maine Fresh Sea Farms brings together the skills of a marine biologist, a seafood salesman, and a sustainability expert to prove that Maine can and should provide our communities with a sustainable source of aquacultured sea vegetables. Our fresh seaweed harvest will be underway in February. To inquire or to order, please contact Peter Fischer:  207-380-6478 or

Seth Barker


Seth says seaweeds have always caught his attention. “Living on the coast, you can hardly not notice them,” he says. As a marine biologist, Seth Barker has worked in marine science and fisheries related positions for more than 40 years. A number of years ago, the Maine Seaweed Council caught his attention. “That group really impressed me,” he says. “They are very proactive and they are interested in the sustainability of the wild harvest.” As Seth was getting close to ending his career at the Maine Department of Marine Resources, he got involved in a project at Clark’s Cove to grow sugar kelp. “And that’s when it all clicked,” he says. Seth has graduate level education in marine science, has completed graduate studies in Geographic Information Systems and has studied environmental policy and management. He has worked in both the private and public sectors, including ecological studies for Raytheon Corp., managing a fisherman’s cooperative, growing rope cultured mussels, working on the Maine Shellfish Growing Area Classification Program, Maine Seafood Inspection Program, Emergency Oil Spill Response, and the Gulf of Maine Council on the Marine Environment. He lives in East Boothbay, just 4.5 miles and a short boat ride from Clark Cove.


Peter Fischer

Email: or call 207-380-6478 

Peter says he got into seaweed because he loves working in the Maine seafood industry.  “I’ve been doing it my whole life,” he says. “Plus, once I started popping it into my mouth I realized how good it tastes!” Peter has worked for 40 years in Maine’s seafood world. His specialty is delivering fresh marine products to market. His career includes fish cutting, shrimp processing, wharf manager, seafood safety officer, director of international live lobster sales, and mussel and seaweed farming in the Damariscotta River. His experience in direct seafood sales, and shipping & handling of thousands of pounds of live seafood daily, make him an expert in his field.  He was also Seafood Technologist for Maine Department of Marines Resources. Peter has a degree in Marine Science and worked with the Gulf of Maine Research Institute writing management plans for redfish and pollock. In 2003, after working on a research project to get rope mussel culturing started in Maine, he acquired an existing aquaculture lease in the Damariscotta River and started a rope cultured mussel operation, now the Pemaquid Mussel Farms LLC, where he serves as manager of finances and sales development.


Betta Stothart



Betta is a writer, editor, and marketing professional with 20 years of experience in the all-natural sector. She started her career as a journalist in Maine and was director of marketing for two natural food companies before moving into the nonprofit sector, where she was director of communications for a large environmental nonprofit. Betta won a Golden Arrow Award from the Maine Public Relations Council.  She is passionate about seaweed and promoting a diverse, healthy, and plant-centered diet for Americans.