Farming in the vigorous tidal currents

Maine Fresh Sea Farms operates year round from Clark Cove, a stunning 40-acre tidal inlet situated 8 miles downstream from Newcastle, Maine, on the Damariscotta River Estuary, roughly halfway between Portland and Rockland (Map). The site has long been in use for fishing and aquaculture and is currently home of the thriving Pemaquid Mussel Farms. The tidal currents are vigorous in this part of the word; the area is steeped in the tradition of fishing and marine history; and the people have a deep familiarity with the sea.

Established in early 2014

Maine Fresh Sea Farms was established in early 2014 by three entrepreneurs seeking a way to responsibly grow and harvest sustainably raised seaweed from Maine’s clean coastal waters. The idea was provide a test lab for sustainably grown sea vegetables that could be duplicated at other locations along the coast and that would provide a new local food source and an alternative to the wild seaweed harvest.

Maine Fresh Sea Farms brings together the skills of a marine biologist, a seafood salesman, and a sustainability expert to prove that Maine can and should provide our communities with a sustainable source of aquacultured sea vegetables.

selected for its pristine and protected waters

The site at Clark Cove was selected for its pristine and protected waters, its tidal currents, and its history as a science-based proving ground for aquaculture. Maine’s first aquaculture site was established at Clark Cove in 1975 by Edward Myers who raised mussels there while pioneering Maine’s burgeoning aquaculture industry.